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Hey everyone,

Below is a brief overview of Steven Pressfield’s facebook page and a little about his blog, Steven Pressfield Online. Check out his site if you haven’t already; his advice on how to make the leap from someone who writes as a hobby to someone who writes professionally is truly unparallelled!

Enjoy– JIm

Steven Pressfield’s facebook page(  is a great link to see not only what  is going on with the writer, but also offers some profound insight into what you as an individual can do to “turn pro” at whatever it is that you are working towards. I think that the wisdom offered on the facebook page as well as his blog, are not only perfect for writers, painters, or artists of any kind, but for anyone that wants to improve themselves. Pressfield’s facebook page also offers links to current and past blog postings in addition to links to other sites that are of interest to the author. One key element that is missing from the facebook page is author correspondence, essentially the page acts as more of a portal to the author’s blog and less of a way to get in touch with the author.  As far as posts are concerned the page is updated regularly and effectively maintained. I think that it serves the purpose of generating a facebook presence for Pressfield’s writer’s platform, providing links to his works, and directing visitors to his blog.