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Not Only the Dead now live!

Posted: April 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

Hey there horror fans,
My novelette is now live on amazon. It is only 0.99 and I would love some feedback. I had some minor formatting issues, but I think that they are all worked out now.

More to come VERY soon.

Full length novel edited and awaiting cover art.

Follow up to ‘Not Only the Dead’ in the works and nearing completion.

Going to be a big year everyone!

Thanks again for your support,

Not Only the Dead

Hey there horror fans!


Sorry for the recent inactivity, but I have been totally immersed in some very exciting projects. These projects will be available on amazon in the VERY near future. I have just finished formatting my novelette, ‘Not Only the Dead’. Loyal readers to this blog have already gotten a taste of the story, so if you like it: please help support this and future offerings by downloading the kindle edition of the novelette and leaving a review if you have the time.

I will certainly post a link when the ebook goes live!

Thank’s again for all of your continued support.


Hey There Horror Fans!

As I sit here editing the portion of my novel that was written during NaNoWriMo, I have been blessed with the great pleasure of removing extra letters from words and fixing/adding punctuation. It’s crazy how much can slip through the cracks when you are focused on just getting words on the page!

The drawback: editing is oftentimes not nearly as much fun as the initial creation of a story.

So, when I stumbled across this little section told through the eyes of an eight year old girl and found it needed little attention (editing wise), I decided to share it here.

The editing is going slowly, but steadily and I should have a great working draft within the next month or so.

Enjoy everyone!

Addie could hear her family downstairs along with the all too familiar orchestra accompaniment of that one movie with the spiders and the scary boulder that almost smashes the guy in the hat. She usually didn’t like being upstairs by herself, but lately it seemed alright. She wasn’t really by herself anyway; Suzie was with her at least. The doll had been so much more than just a doll over the last several weeks.

            Addie remembered the feeling that she had on the day of Joey’s accident. It was before anyone had arrived for their welcome home party and she was still thinking of all the bad things that had happened. She remembered that she was already dreading the mere thought of sleep, because every time she had tried to take a nap on the way home from the Grand Canyon, she had seen the dead man and her donkey on the backsides of her eyelids. She had heard the term ‘burned into memory’ before and at her young age, she really didn’t understand it, along with a ton of other things that her parents and other grown-ups said. Anyway, she had hoped that those things were not burned into hers. Not now. Not ever.

Thanks for reading– Jim

I have not forgotten you fiends,
I started writing a flash fiction post and it got away from me…
Be on the look out for something a little more substantial in the next few days and after that… the juggernaut is coming!

An in depth look at why American horror is just now understanding the idea of the juggernaut as well as the pros and cons of this character.

A little intro…

Posted: February 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hello everyone,

My name is Jim T. Gammill and I am about to finish my BFA in Creative Writing here at SNHU. I live in Southern California and have been networking with industry professionals in the Los Angeles area for the past few years through various meet-up groups, the UCLA extension program, and the Screen Writer’s Network. I am currently working on my third screenplay in the paranormal/thriller genre and have enjoyed some minor successes in the field such as placing as a semi-finalist in the Story Pros International screenplay competition. I plan to make 2013 a big year for personal promotion and marketing.




I am a personal believer that writer’s block does not exist as many have come to think of it. As a writer you are always able to produce words on a page; this is not in any way saying that they are going to be good! I try to push through this “block” by continuing to write and push my story forward even if I cringe by writing a cheesy scene; the truth is you can rewrite that part later after the muse has returned to you.


However a very real form of writer’s block that I think many writer’s suffer from is procrastination. It is easy to sit at your computer and find yourself checking email, bank accounts, facebook, and the like.  In her book, The Right to Write, Ann Lamont states the importance of morning pages; I am a strong believer in this! Lamont suggests that right when you get out of bed you should sit down and write at least a page or two, I do this (most mornings depending on work and family) and I find that a couple pages often turns into many once the groove sets in!


Best of luck to everyone this semester! I am sure that we all can help each other develop our stories into effective and marketable works that any producer would love to get their hands on…


Best- Jim