The Heroic Wordsmith Project

Posted: November 18, 2018 in Uncategorized

Many people have wanted to write a book at one point in their lives; whether it be a fantasy epic, a memoir, or a biography staring an exceptional family member. As a writer, I can not count how many times I’ve heard things like:

“I’ve got a story for you!”


“Let me give you an idea for your next novel.”

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Out of necessity, I have crafted a technique of re-directing these conversations on to the next subject. The truth of it is that most writers (myself included) don’t have enough time to capture and nurture all of the ideas and stories that they have running through their heads, let alone somebody else’s.

So, what happens to all of these ideas?

Do they fade away mere moments after the idea of their creation took place?

Do they fester inside of the creator’s head like a secret obsession?

Or do they become so huge that they can not be ignored, causing the creator to try sometimes, in vain, to get down on paper (or computer screen)?

Sadly, I think that the answer to all of these questions is a big fat YES.

I would be lying if I said that the thought of all these unused ideas didn’t bother me, in fact it is something that I think of so often that I have decided to do something about it.

Am I going to take on every piece of side work?

Use every idea that is offered to me in one of my fictional works?

Am I going to drop everything and write everyone else’s stories?




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This is where the newest project from the desk of Jim T. Gammill comes in: The Heroic Wordsmith Project is something that will be highlighted and featured on this page as a resource to everybody that has wanted to create and didn’t know where to begin. The soul of this project is going to be address the fears and uncertainties that everyone has before beginning, creating, or sharing their creative works. will be covering exciting things like: story, pacing, outlining, and character development.


The not so exciting things like grammar, punctuation, and literary devices/techniques.

So, rest assured that those unused ideas will no longer be doomed to fade, fester, or linger.

The Heroic Wordsmith Project is underway and aims to directly assist listeners in creating more HEROIC emails at work, HEROIC essays at school, and who knows maybe even a HEROIC best seller that would have remained otherwise unwritten. will be the hub of the Heroic Wordsmith Project so be on the lookout for more to come!

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