Sample Query Letter

Posted: February 26, 2013 in Screenplays

Here is a query letter that I threw together for my first screenplay, RED REAPER, BURN. I think that it exhibits all of the essentials so I thought I would post it here before trying my luck with!

Thanks for reading,

Dear Mr. Agent:
It was a horrific event that 12 year old Lawrence Prichard witnessed; the monstrous harvester combine known as the “Red Reaper” devouring his father right before his eyes.
Seventeen years later Lawrence is still running from that image. He has made it a point to distance himself from the family farm, his estranged grandfather and everything else from his rural past.
But as we all know. . . you can never escape the past.
Now a professional baseball player at the top of his game and with a family of his own, things could not get any better for Lawrence…
That is until a freak injury during a play-off game lands him in the hospital and then the bench. Struggling to separate his lucid nightmares from reality Lawrence finds himself drawn back to the family farm to face the demons he has been running from his entire life. He has always felt that his father’s death was no accident and that something evil dwells just beneath the farm’s surface. It is this evil that has called him home and after finding its source Lawrence fears that if he’s not careful he may suffer the same fate as his father.
RED REAPER, BURN is a psychological thriller with a protagonist who must face his own demons to determine what he values most: family expectations or his very sanity. As the secrets of the land and his ominous Grandpa Law unravel, Lawrence finds that they may negate everything he values about his past and destroy any plans he holds for the future.

I am a former intelligence analyst for the United States Army and was lucky enough to experience many different cultures first hand. In my travels I have found that despite variations on culture and tradition, human needs and emotions remain the same; it is with the colors of these experiences that I paint the characters that inhabit my script.

I would like to submit RED REAPER, BURN for your consideration and possible representation.

This is my first screenplay and though I am aware that there are many exceptional screenwriters and screenplays out there, I am confident that my writing and my screenplay rise to the same notable level.

I will follow up with a phone call by the end of the week. Thank you for your consideration.


Jim T. Gammill

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