Hello faithful readers,

Some time that has elapsed since my last post, but I have been working on some exciting projects!

These include:

a graphically enhanced novelette

a follow-up (in spirit at least) to my hit novelette, Not Only the Dea

some outline work on a new hardcore horror screenplay.

Between projects I love to produce some “one-offs” or random short stories when I am in the editing process on a longer work. I decided to share one with you all and have several more if you guys show me some love by sharing this post!

Either way, I hope you enjoy Just What the Doctor Ordered, a 700 word piece of FLASH FICTION.

Just What the Doctor Ordered

by Jim T. Gammill

“The tests came back negative, Mr. Stevens,” Dr. Korrigan said, his clipboard angled to protect its secrets.

“That’s impossible,” Stevens replied, “No pauses? Anything?”

Dr. Korrigan offered Stevens a condescending glance over his glasses.

“Most people would be happy to not have sleep apnea, Mr. Stevens,” Korrigan began. He gave the clipboard another look, “your vitals are fine. Levels are nearly perfect.”

Stevens wiped cold sweat from his brow.

“I just want to know why this keeps happening,” Stevens started as he shook his head and massaged one of the dark circles beneath his eyes, “why they keep coming!”

The condescending glance softened when Korrigan raised his bushy eyebrows.

“Why who keeps coming?” Korrigan asked, interested.

“Never mind,” Stevens protested.

Korrigan smiled.

Stevens sensed a welcoming softness in Korrigan’s demeanor. A hint of humanity.

“Well,” Stevens relented, “sometimes it’s a woman and sometimes just a man in a hat.”

“And when do they come?” Korrigan asked, his pen scratching incessantly on the clipboard.

“In the middle of the night.”

Korrigan nodded.

“Have you been taking any prescription drugs?”

Stevens shook his head.

“Any,” Korrigan started as he examined Stevens, “substance abuse?”

“No,” Stevens snapped, “you said yourself, my levels are perfect!”

“One can never be too certain,” Korrigan droned as he scribbled something else, “I’m calling in a prescription for you.”

“What is it?”

“Not to sound too cliché, Mr. Stevens, but I believe it’s just what the doctor ordered.”

Stevens left the office in a daze, he wasn’t sure why he felt the way he did, but something wasn’t right. He opened the door more quickly than he had meant to and heard something thud on the hard laminate floor of the office.

He turned to see what had fallen and was surprised to see that it wasn’t a pamphlet or a cup full of tongue depressors, but something unexpected and out of place. Stevens caught a brief glimpse of a wide brimmed hat on the floor, but before he could think anymore of the thing Dr. Korrigan quickly moved across the room and slammed the office door.

Stevens barely remembered his trip to the pharmacy or the drive home.

Later, Stevens sat alone in his apartment. He ate a sandwich and drank a beer that had grown warm. Sometime between sitting down to eat and the present moment, he had lost himself. Lost time. Like insomniacs tend to do.

“But, if you act now, we’ll double your order!” the television blared.

Stevens searched for the remote and hit the power button. Again, time had escaped him. He sat in the darkness of the room, picked up his prescription bottle from the table, and knocked an oblong pill into his palm.

He paused for an instant and then smirked.

“If I act now, I can double my order,” Stevens snickered as he shook out another pill.

The warm beer tasted terrible, but Stevens could feel himself relax the second it hit his throat. Groggily, he made his way to his bedroom.

Hours later his eyelids began to flutter.

Stevens felt like his body was in water.

Not sinking.

Not floating.

Just there.

A feeling that had become familiar.

He prepared himself.

Opened his eyes.

The woman was there. Her skeletal face half hidden in shadow. She leaned over Stevens and breathed in his odor like the sweetest of air. The wetness of her tongue made him cringe as she dragged it along his cheek.

Stevens tried to move his arms. Nothing.

He had become accustomed to this terror. This succubus.

From the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of the man in the hat. Stevens could feel his heart begin to pound.

He tried to scream. To murmur. Anything.

“The patient is ready for delivery,” a familiar voice proclaimed.

Stevens’ eyes searched desperately for the source of the voice and saw the hat man’s face as light filled his room. It was Dr. Korrigan, but his presence tonight was not one of benevolence.

“Take him.”

Numerous shadows surrounded Stevens. They looked like short men with large heads and the last things he felt were their slender hands sliding beneath him and lifting him from his bed.

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Not Only the Dead https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DSIBMJ8/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_EuYAzbDSFPJC4

Hey all,

Not Only the Dead is free for today only!

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And now a little about World Book Day, just because:

For those of you out there that don’t know, April 23rd is World Book Day. The quasi-holiday was created by the United Nations as an educational promotion of reading and general literacy.

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The date of April 23rd was chosen as a shout out to William Shakespeare, the bard was born on the date in 1564 and died on it in 1616. And as if this wasn’t enough, Miguel de Cervantes, the author of the legendary, Don Quixote died on almost EXACTLY the same day as Shakespeare! Cervantes died late in the day of April 22nd 1616 and was buried on the 23rd.

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As many of you know, Whispers of the Wakinyan is now live in the kindle store as well as in print on amazon.com.


Many exciting things have happened in the 48 hours or so since the book was released. Book sales are off to a great start in both formats and Whispers of the Wakinyan has also been downloaded several times through the Kindle Direct program, that allows members of Amazon Prime to download thousands of titles free to their kindle or ereader.

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It may seem somewhat strange for free copies of a work to be welcomed, but the download and consumption of free copies helps to both boost the ‘title rank’ in Amazon analytics and also qualifies the book to receive royalties from the Kindle Select Fund, which is distributed to all participating titles according to the number of pages read by subscribers.

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Also, I have been invited to enter Whispers of the Wakinyan in an Amazon UK contest that is open to new book listings. With this being said, please remember to read and review to help take Whispers of the Wakinyan to the top of the rankings! Prizes include exclusive publishing opportunities and a higher rate of exposure.

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Hey everyone,

I will post something longer this evening, but I wanted to let everyone know that my novel, Whispers of the Wakinyan  is now available in both kindle and print formats! 

Get your copy today and dive into the world of Joey Gordon and his family as they struggle to stand against dark Native American spirit gods!


Some of you out there may have noticed a new addition to my amazon author page. Whispers of the Wakinyan, the first installment in the ‘Things That Follow’ series, is LIVE in kindle format and will be available in print VERY SOON. By that, I mean that by the end of the week copies may be available for order from amazon.com and this website.

The original release date for Whispers of the Wakinyan was exactly one month ago today. As you may imagine, the publishing process is not all sunshine and roses. In fact, it is some-what arduous. That for me, at least, resulted in some late nights and last-minute frustrations. I found that Murphy’s Law was in full effect and that anything that could go wrong usually did. Even some of the things that initially went right turned out to be wrong later!

First, I want to touch on the importance of document formatting. In my opinion, if there is any chance that you think you may publish your work, please do yourself a favor and download a word template that has margins set to your desired print size. These may be downloaded for free from many writing sites out there (I got mine from createspace).

I had my 30 chapter 93,000 word tome primed and ready to go in a standard word format.

I uploaded.

I watched.

I cringed.

For my binding size I chose 6”x9”, which is a very popular size for main-stream trade fiction.

I am sure that you all know where this is going…

I would liken it to pouring a gallon of a milk into a pint glass and then watching helplessly as the milk continues to gush over the sides and run all over the counter. Knowing the whole time that your wife will be so mad at you when she has to clean it up.

Sorry, I couldn’t help that last part.

And to my wife: just kidding.

All of my main and sub-chapter breaks were sprinkled throughout the document and each time one was put into place another was pushed into chaos!  Maybe, I am being a little dramatic, but still, if I had worked with the intended margin size from the get-go this could have certainly been avoided.

Second, and this also pertains to the subject of planning a binding size, know how many pages the finished document will be with title pages, table of contents, blank pages in the front, etc… BEFORE starting cover creation. It may seem like a no-brainer, but format changes like mentioned before can drastically change your binding size, which will in turn affect the bleed area (this is the small area on the outer edges of the cover, where text or images may be distorted by the bleeding of printer ink) and overall dimensions.

How do I know about all this?

You guessed it. This was another delay that I encountered in bringing Whispers of the Wakinyan to print.

However, the end result is something that I am very pleased with and I am sure that you will all be as well.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this post and please like or comment if my pain and suffering has or may have saved you some grief in creating your own project!

Please keep an eye out for the official release date. It is looking like it may be Friday, April 7th!

Product Details

If you haven’t already, please follow my amazon author page:


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I was fortunate enough to be part of an author meet and greet/book signing on Sunday, March 5th in my home town of Menifee, California. The turn-out was great and the level of support from the community was fantastic!

This is one of many photos provided by my good friend Michael Perez, a top-notch inland empire photographer behind fotohaus studios.

Check out fotohaus at http://www.fotohausco.com

He took some great photos of the event, which I will be sharing with you all as soon as they become available.

I would also like to offer a very special thanks to the handful of attendees that signed up to be beta-readers for the sequel to Whispers of the Wakinyan, the work is untitled as of now, but will be the second installment of the ‘The Things that Follow’ series.